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The ‘Business Case for Diversity’ shows that diversity management – whereby employers recognise value and include women and men of different ages, skills sets, cultural values, ethnic origin, religion and sexual orientation etc. – makes good business sense. Managing diversity and promoting inclusion is a key component to remaining relevant and competitive in an increasingly diversified society, customer base and market. Understanding the make-up and needs of your workforce are critical in securing a competitive advantage in a globalised economy.

Inclusive Leaders have the skills to embrace the individual differences in their workforce and customers, and leverage these to promote improved creativity, innovation, problem solving and decision-making. They know how to create a culture which fosters inclusion and promotes diversity in all its dimensions, to support better business and customer outcomes. They create a culture where people feel valued for their unique skills, approach and contribution.

Diversitas is at the forefront of delivering Inclusive Leadership capability building to both private and public sector organisation in New Zealand and abroad. Our Inclusive Leadership framework is built on 6 key factors (The A-F of inclusive leadership) which when embedded in organisational practice, leads to exceptional outcomes in terms of building capability as well as supporting an inclusive culture.


Our Offering 

Inclusive Leadership Training

The 6 traits of inclusive leadership are:

  • Awareness – Inclusive leaders understand the megatrends impacting their workforce and what it means for their sustainability and business strategy.
  • Bias - Inclusive leaders understand that behaviours are driven by beliefs and biases, both conscious and unconscious.
  • Cultural Capability – Inclusive leaders are skilled at operating across different cultural contexts and recognise that diverse teams have different needs and aspirations. They can flex their thinking and behaviours when interacting with diverse teams and customers.
  • Drive– Inclusive leaders are motivated to learn about themselves and others and actively seek feedback to grow their own awareness and improve their inclusive practices.
  • Empowerment – Inclusive leaders seek to empower others to use their voices and ensure that all perspectives are valued and respected.
  • Flexibility – Inclusive leaders understand the importance of flexible work design and the associated benefits of attracting and retaining high performing talent.

Our Training Approach

Our recommended training approach involves half-day workshops focused on allowing participants to develop skills to support Inclusive Leadership. In line with adult learning principles our approach to training is to be’ learner-led’ and structure the workshop to be highly interactive. We believe in giving participants the opportunity to learn, rather than teaching them.

As well as raising awareness around the different models and themes, we invite participants to practice applying their insights during the workshops, with feedback from the facilitator and other participants. This allows for the building of self-awareness and enables participants to draw from the collective experience of the group, as well as the knowledge of the trainers. Our typical facilitator to participant ratio is 1:15 to allow for maximum interaction.

Diversitas Inclusive Leadership 360 assessment

To support and embed the 6 key inclusive leadership factors, Diversitas has developed an Inclusive Leadership Profile. This is a 360 assessment which allows you to understand your leaders’ current inclusive leadership strengths and development areas. As well as allowing for self-ratings on the 6 dimensions outlined above (and their sub-dimensions), this survey allows up to 12 other respondents to rate participants along the same dimensions, providing comparative scoring. In this way, we are able to identify any gaps between an individuals’ self-perception and the perceptions of others, effectively highlighting positive and negative deltas between leadership intention and leadership impact. For leaders who are serious about becoming more inclusive, our tool enables powerful insights for further development. We unpack the data with participants in a post survey feedback session, helping them to identify and build on their strengths as well as create a development plans for any areas requiring further development.
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Coaching for Inclusion

To further support your leaders to demonstrate Inclusive Leadership, we offer 1:1 coaching support. Coaching offers our clients a unique opportunity to translate the awareness gained from assessment and training into action. Through the coaching relationship, clients are encouraged to begin to apply some of their newly discovered insights with support and feedback.

Coaching for Inclusive Leadership enables us to focus in on our clients’ current strengths and development areas and develop a strategy for developing their leadership approach in ways that are support their own motivation and personal learning approach.

During these sessions we explore factors that might enable or block the development of Inclusive Leadership, such as:

  • Cultural fatigue and its impact on motivation for inter-cultural engagement
  • Personal cultural values and impacts on thinking and behaviour
  • Conscious and unconscious biases and impacts on leadership effectiveness
  • Cultural context shifts - ethnic, generational, gender, functional, organizational and how to recognize and adapt to them.
  • Metacognitive strategies and tools for effectively building inter-cultural competency
  • Verbal and non- verbal communication strategies for effective inter-cultural engagement

A typical coaching program consists of 3 x monthly sessions over a 3-month period, each of which is s up to 2 hours in duration. However, these can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

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Our typical facilitator to participant ratio is 1:20 to allow for maximum interaction. 

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