How do I return to myself?

In this episode, we will explore the question "how do I return to myself" We will seek to increase our skills on recovery and resilience. We will learn pathways to our own energy management.

As coaches, we are being invited to work with an increasingly diverse range of clients. Our primary energy is invested in creating and holding space for the transformation of others, many of whom come from a very different world than us. This requires us to enter the worldview of our clients in a curious and empathetic way. In order to achieve this, we have to begin by understanding our own world views, (perspectives, biases, beliefs and perceptual lenses.) Self-awareness is critical for coaches wishing to work across the diversity spectrum, where a ‘’one size fits one’’ approach is needed rather than a formulaic approach.


21 May 2019 | 6.00pm - 9.00pm


Mind Body Soul | A Happiness Center
1416 Metropolis Tower,
8/1 Al Abraj Street,
Business Bay,

Tel: +971 4 345 8114


1 workshop: AED 1000 + VAT
3 workshops: AED 2,700 + VAT
6 workshops: AED 4,800 + VAT

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About the series

Diversitas is proud to present The Coach Inside. A series of workshops designed for coaches to cultivate personal development in order to increase capabilities for coaching diversity. 

In this programme we create space for you to connect with your own humanity and impact and explore the broader territory of your own internal work, which is the REAL work of coaching. 

If you are a coach who would like deepen your self-awareness and recognise how the quality of relationship you have with yourself directly impacts the quality of space you create for diverse others, then this highly reflective 6 episode programme is for you. The Coach Inside is designed to move you as a coach from trying to "make the world a better place" to allowing a better world to emerge from within you.

By completing this series of workshops you will:

  • Cultivate awareness of your motivation to be a coach
  • Explore a framework to empower your relationships
  • Understand your emotional triggers
  • Identify your relationship with endings
  • Increase skills on recovery and resilience
  • Expand awareness of your presence and impact
  • Explore models and strategies to support the development of your coaching

Each workshop is accredited with International Coach Federation (ICF) CCE Hours for Core Competencies and Resource Development. Talk to us about how to apply and become eligible.

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Participants may register for one, several or all workshops. Registering for all six will not only support your overall growth, but will also result in a lower unit cost per workshop.

The cost is as follows:
1 workshop: AED 1000 + VAT
3 workshops AED 2,700 + VAT (unit cost AED 900 each)
6 workshops AED 4,800 + VAT (unit cost AED 800 each)

Please familiarise yourself with the course terms and conditions, including payment and refund policies, before applying - and if you have any queries at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Other episodes in the series

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10 October 2018 | 6.00pm - 9.00pm

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15 January 2019 | 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Ep 3: What are my triggers and touchstones?
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Ep 4: When do I end a relationship?
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Ep 5: How do I return to myself?
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Ep 6: Who am I being?
18 June 2019 | 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Series Schedule
Every 6 weeks beginning on 10th October 2018 and ending on 18th June 2019.

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